Tell students why they’re using a block-based language to help them better understand how drag-and-drop programming languages are beneficial to their learning.

  • Increase student buy-in for block-based languages.
  • Often times, students don’t believe these languages are actually programming.
  • It’s important to recognize that students have a right to know why they're learning certain things in certain ways.
  • Explain to students that you have to worry about a lot of little details that aren’t essential programming elements when using a text-based language.
  • Compare block-based languages to using word magnets.
    • You have a limited vocabulary, but you can mix and match elements in really interesting and complex ways.
Bonus Action:
  • Let your students know the reason behind all major curriculum decisions.
    • Just like the choice of programming language for the course, it’s important that students understand the reasons behind what they’re learning, how they’re learning it, and why.
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