Setup pair programming assignments intentionally using the following checklist so that students have the tools, environment, and space they need to succeed

  • Is your classroom ready for pair programming?
  • Classroom Setup Checklist:
    • Turn off (or clear) the screen of every other computer in a lab.
      • This makes it clear that certain computers are not to be used.
    • Move the chair in front of the active computer 18” to the right, then move the chair from the inactive computer to the active station.
      • This is so chairs are equidistant from the monitor and centered.
      • You can also have students do this.
  • Assignment Instruction Checklist:
    • Give explicit, highly structured directions for the first tasks on when to switch driver and navigator.
      • For example, you can have written instructions that tell the students to switch who is using the keyboard in between each problem that they solve.
    • Give relatively less descriptive written instructions than you would on a solo assignment because students will work together to tackle logistical issues on the computer.
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Interview with Eric Allatta.

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