Incorporate time in each lesson for students to deliberately practice concepts and puzzle out problems to ensure your students are effectively learning.

  • Reasons:
    • Learning happens when there is intense engagement.
    • Students’ interest and attendance are higher in classrooms that utilize an active, iterative learning process.
    • The best such active learning processes involve working through misconceptions with fellow students and getting immediate feedback from the instructor.
  • Actions:
    • After presenting a new concept, give students a multiple-choice question about the concept to discuss in small groups.
    • After giving students time to discuss, have students answer the multiple choice question electronically. (Note from the CSTeachingTips team: there are lots of options for electronic polling, including iClickers,, and
    • Go over the data from their answers to reveal their grasp of the topic.
    • Address any misconceptions in a short class discussion before moving on to the next topic.
    • Note from the CSTeachingTips team: More resources are available from for using in-class problems.