Ask students to consider which objects in the room are computers to further their understanding of what computing is.

  • First, ask students to count how many computers there are in the room.
    • Some students will only count the desktop and laptop computers in the room, while other students will count a wider variety of things.
      • Examples of other computers students may come up with include calculators, phones, and even humans.
  • Next, have groups of 3-4 students discuss other examples of computers, and write these examples on post-it notes to put on the board.
    • Once the results are in, discuss them as a class and ask students why they think certain objects are or are not computers.
    • Then, have students create classifications for different types of computers and regroup the examples of computers into these classifications.
  • To conclude this exercise, have students follow up the discussion of what a computer is by discussing what computing is.
    • Suggest that students consult their list of computers to help them define computing.
      • Remind them that there is no single correct answer to this question.
  • Before the class ends, implore students to keep this question in mind as they learn more about computing throughout the course.
  • For more details on this activity, visit the ECS Curriculum Version 5.0 and navigate to Days 1-2 in Unit 1, page 28.
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